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High Temperature
For many years KINOPTIK has been one of the world leaders in observing high-temperature phenomena.
The equipment offered is characterised b:
- It's reliability and long life resulting from the experience of CLAVE and BODSON.
- The quality of the reproduced images that is the trademark of KINOPTIK

To meet the specific requirements of the business sectors involved, four types of equipment are offered.

  Furnace endoscopes
Portable endoscopes
"TOP ROLL " endoscopes
Cooled housings

Main applications for high-temperature endoscopes

Steel making:

Monitoring of blast furnaces, monitoring of metal flow.
Monitoring of manufacture of strips and billets.

Glass making:

Monitoring of glassmaking furnaces - Monitoring of manufacturing processes of flat glasses, bottles, etc.

Energy production:

Monitoring of combustion in coal or oil power stations.

Waste incineration:

Monitoring of the combustion of household waste.

Cement works

Monitoring of the manufacturing processes.


Monitoring of boilers.