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End of 2003 :
After closure of KINOPTIK S.A., and with partnership of VANNIER-PHOTELEC, MICHEL PRUDHOMME and PIERRE AMBELIDES started again the activity of opto-mechanical integration, through the name of KINOPTIK-SYSTEMES. Industrial vision and high-temperature endoscopy haven't been left out, thanks to company CESYCO, which carries on these two activities through the name of  KINOPTIK ENDOSCOPY.

1999 :
August: Jean Claude BERTRAND associated with Hervé OBADIA and Philippe DECRETTE take over the KINOPTIK entity.
April: SAGEM decides to separate from the KINOPTIK division.
January: SAGEM takes over the SFIM group.

1995 :
The video division of SFIM resulting from the union of the video businesses of SOFRETEC and
INSPECTRONIC joins with KINOPTIK, bringing a new diversification towards vision in hostile environments: vision in the nuclear sector.
From now on, KINOPTIK has every element for creating the "Centre for extreme Industrial vision".

1993 :
KINOPTIK takes over BODSON, an industrial endoscopy company.

KINOPTIK becomes closer to MTO, a company specialising in the deposit of thin films on optical components, metallisation, production of special filters. KINOPTIK now has total control over the optical component production line.

1985 :
KINOPTIK takes over CLAVE, a manufacturer in high-temperature endoscopy and amateur astronomy. The company becomes the leader in the high-temperature endoscopy market.

1981 :

Roger GROSSET (son of the founder) sells KINOPTIK to the SFIM group.

50 -60 - 70 :

KINOPTIK develops: takeover of Optique Instrumentale Decarris.

1953 :

KINOPTIK starts to diversify: professional cinema, microfilm, medical radiology, furnace periscope, specific Defence products.

1944 :
The cinema is expanding rapidly. KINOPTIK concentrates its business on lenses and viewfinders for 35 mm cine cameras.

1943 :
Creation of a camera for infrared photography.

1939 :
Production of the first specific lens for aerial photography. This diversification will be the origin of work for National Defence.

1932 :
Georges GROSSET and Georges PERTHUIS create KINOPTIK: lenses, condensers, viewfinders, sound heads, special optics, etc. make up the company's catalogue.